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COVID-19 projects looking for volunteers.

New or established projects helping with the COVID-19 crisis that need help. Volunteer yourself or create a new one.

  • Skills marketplace for COVID-19

    A two-sided marketplace for skills that can be utilized during this self-isolation and online-only period! People can submit their skills and services for others to browse through and purchase. Examples could include: online guitar lessons, online language lessons, digital marketing, designing a logo, copywriting, video editing, online tutoring for your kids, etc. Those purchasing the skills/ services could be working individuals who’d like to learn something new, who would like help with training and teaching their kids or those who need extra skills to build up their businesses.

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  • LoveLocals

    Coronavirus is a global public health crisis that is affecting all corners of the population and economy in different ways. Local businesses are the cornerstone of our communities, where we gather to celebrate, to connect, to conduct business and to eat some great food! Support your favourite local restaurants by buying gift cards now that will help business owners stay afloat.

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  • Social appreciation site to COVID19 workers

    Upload a picture, a video or a piece of text to thank our workers! Direct it at a specific person, a specific grocery store or hospital in your area :) Most of the posts so far have been on Instagram stories or tweets etc. but these workers aren’t likely seeing them/ able to access. These posts will be a permanent public feed for anyone to view at any time!

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  • Ample Labs: COVID-19 Response Fund

    In light of COVID-19 Response, we’ve set-up a COVID-19 Response Fund with the goal of focusing on building products and value within our product to help our end-users at this critical time. People facing homelessness have two times the risk of infection. which also puts social workers, and frontline workers at risk. We need to limit the spread ASAP.

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