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Skills marketplace for COVID-19

A two-sided marketplace for skills that can be utilized during this self-isolation and online-only period! People can submit their skills and services for others to browse through and purchase. Examples could include: online guitar lessons, online language lessons, digital marketing, designing a logo, copywriting, video editing, online tutoring for your kids, etc. Those purchasing the skills/ services could be working individuals who’d like to learn something new, who would like help with training and teaching their kids or those who need extra skills to build up their businesses.
Who is already working on this
How far along it is
Current building MVP
Demo, mockups, or documentation
Tasks that need to get done
  • Design/ UI for the website
  • Front-end + back-end development of the marketplace
  • Digital/ social media marketing to help get the word out!
Number of Volunteers
How to get in touch
Skills needed
  • Full-stack developers
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